KIT Huawei B593-12 and Mimo antena

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Тариф Lifecell 70 Гб+ 70Гб/мес за 199грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 199грн/услуги банка 5грн(на счету 199грн), 303 грн.
Vodafone SuperNet Unlim 225грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 165грн/услуги банка 5грн) (на счету 165 грн), 404 грн.
Тариф Lifecell 20 Гб/мес за 199грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 70грн/услуги банка 5грн(на счету 70грн), 174 грн.
Тариф Киевстар макс/безл за 300грн/мес (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/услуга банка 5грн (1 месяц Free), 399 грн.
Vodafone SuperNet Start 5 Гб/мес за 110грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 110грн/услуги банка 5грн) (на счету 110 грн), 239 грн.
Vodafone Device M 10 Гб/мес за 100 грн (Пакет/Настройка оборудования/Аванс 100грн/услуги банка 5грн) (на счету 165 грн), 199 грн.

The kit is intended for offices or other premises where there is no possibility (or desire) for installing and installing an outdoor antenna. The desktop panel MiMo antenna has a gain of 2x13dBi that will provide reliable and high-quality signal reception, and hence a stable Internet connection at high speeds. The router creates a wireless Wi-Fi connection in your room of up to 70-100 square meters. You can also connect fixed devices via Ethernet cable (up to 4 devices).

   The kit includes:

- Desktop directional 3G / 4G LTE MiMo antenna with a gain of 2x13dBi and 2x2 meter cable with ready connectors for the router;

- Huawei B593 Router;

The kit is very easy to install and use. You do not need the services of installers.

  Depending on the delivery, the equipment may have a logo of both Russian and foreign cellular operators.

   The description and the appearance (image) of the product are for reference only, the manufacturer has the right to change the appearance, equipment and color.

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